Postcard Project 2: The New Postcard Series


In addition to creating a digital exhibit of ‘then and now’ postcards, the St. Louis Postcard Project will also endeavor to create a new series of postcards. This new series will follow many of the patterns of site selection from older cards and will focus on traditional sites such as churches, schools, parks (and park features) and street scenes. One complaint I have with the older cards though–what is chosen as a worthy subject is very subjective–thus, I’m of the belief that we should compile as many sites as possible–where possible. You never know what will be considered historic in 50 years.

In the coming weeks I’ll begin to upload lists of potential postcard sites, organized by neighborhood in the city and city name in the county. At present, I see this merely as a suggested sites list, if you know of a something I don’t list–such as a bridge, a historic house or something you feel is otherwise historically significant–please, feel free to send it in!