St. Louis Awesome Sauce Blog

Awesome sauce is the name of this site’s first ‘real’ blog. People who know me in person, or online, know I’m constantly chatting about new projects, new interests, new schemes to push history out into the open. The problem with this of course–ideas usually only become realities by spending money. At the moment, I’m unemployed. So it’s not like I can go and create yet another website. Not yet at least.

Thus, this blog will be a way of slowly working on some of these projects, bit by bit. In the meantime, since I don’t have any time to talk and I should be devoting 100% of my energy towards my thesis, I’ll just stick to updating the following two pages, dedicated to finding & reproducing newspaper clips. 


The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sunday Magazine:

This is a side project I’ve kept up for a while–saving interesting clippings and sometimes full pages from the Sunday Magazine. These pages contain some of the most interesting content I’ve ever seen in a newspaper. Most editions typically include a gallery of photos (Rotogravure) followed by 3-6 pages of public interest stories such as news from the rich & famous, a mystery series, a comics series, stories of folklore or even gossip about industrialists or science fiction. Everything you’d find fascinating now, they found just as fascinating then. What you’ll find here, when I get some time to really put it together, are bundles of Magazine stories relating to various topics like St. Louis Architecture, St. Louis Society Affairs, Medical Innovations, War-Time Updates etc. I guarantee you will not find this stuff boring. 


Newspaper Clippings

As the name suggests this will be a one-stop place to find interesting newspaper clippings I’ve culled from the archive. If you found something neat I posted on social media, you’re more likely to find that picture here, with the newspaper clippings. Here you’ll not only be able to download the picture, I’ll give you a PDF form so you can actually read it too. Clippings will be organized into appropriate categories like “Architecture,” “Sports,” “News of the Weird,” so you won’t have to go looking too hard. Though I certainly do encourage you to explore.