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Cleveland High School

  Opened in 1915, Cleveland High School was at the time revered as the city's largest, most state of the art school buildings. Designed by William B. Ittner, Cleveland opened…
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Roosevelt High School

Opened in winter of 1925, Roosevelt was seen as a needed relief for the increasingly populated south side of the city. Designed by Rockwell Milligan, the building's entrance features detailed…
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Central High School

  Opened in September of 1893, this imposing Victorian brick building sat at 1030 N. Grand. Unlike McKinley, Yeatman or Soldan, built around the same period, Central High school lacked…
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Yeatman High School

    Opened in 1904, Yeatman High School was one of two (the other being McKinley High School) new high schools built to serve the growing St. Louis population at…
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McKinley High School

        Opened in 1904, McKinley High School was the city's first south side public high school. Between 1890 and 1900 the city's population increased nearly 30%, the…
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Soldan High School

  Opened in time for the start of the 1909 academic year, Soldan High School was hailed by many for its attractive design and spacious corridors. The design reflects  architectural…
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